Give so families like Salma & Sadiq’s can attend Outdoor Preschool! 

Each year we offer $36,000  in tuition assistance to families in our preschool community. Your gift can make a formative impact on families when they need it the most. 

Meet Salma and Sadiq

There was no way I was going to be able to afford this school. I came from an immigrant/refugee household and we didn’t always have a lot of money but my mom worked hard for my siblings and I to have opportunities. I needed to do the same for Salma. In the application, there was an option for tuition assistance and I was happy to see that. We requested assistance and got a full scholarship. Salma began attending just shy of three years old. She is five now and within the first year of her attending the preschool program, her speech, coordination, and walking improved. She genuinely enjoyed attending and I loved taking her there. 

Fatima Mahamoud
Salma and Sadiq's Mother & PlayGarden Parent

Give so more kids can attend summer camp! 

Did you know the true cost of sending a child to our fully inclusive summer camp program is $500?  This amount is out of reach for many of our families.  To make camp accessible to ALL- each year we  offer over $10,000 in camp scholarships. 

Meet Luke

He needed a safe place to be busy during the summer and make new friends. The other huge plus was that we didn’t have to bring the nurse with us as the camp provided a 1-1 person for him.  It is very hard to find a place that will accommodate all of Luke’s needs. We are constantly excluded from typical kids activities/parties because of lack of accessibility. The Play Garden offered everything he needed. 

Karen Pratt
Luke's Mother & PlayGarden Parent

Meet Edward

During the school year, our son Edward attends a preschool program for students with disabilities through the public schools; however, these services don’t extend through the summer. Changes in routine can be hard on Edward, so camp was a chance to have a consistent activity for a full week of our summer that was otherwise rather fragmented. 


For a kid like Edward who sometimes has difficulty communicating, the chance to build relationships with counselors was such a game-changer. 


The counselors then were able to guide and facilitate his play with other campers of different ages and abilities–it really opened my eyes to how few inclusive and multi-age opportunities he had previously experienced. It was also refreshing for us as parents to see him have the chance to be himself and play according to his interests – even when that meant dominating a counselor’s Go-Pro camera for the day

Laura Doherty
Edward's Mother & PlayGarden Parent