Spring giving graphic- text in green, photos from kids at the PlayGarden

Children with disabilities and their families should not be left behind as our community finds its way back to normalcy. Help us bring everyone back outside by making your donation today to support the PlayGarden’s fully inclusive nature-based youth programs! 

Dear Friends on the PlayGarden, 

Thank you for helping us make it through  what was a challenging and oftentimes lonely year for kids with disabilities and their families.

While we were not able to hold our summer camp program in 2020, the PlayGarden reopened to the public in October 2020 and our modified in-person preschool program was a great success, keeping our students in touch with one another and the outdoors while staying healthy and safe. You can read more about our work in our 2020 Annual Report.

Of course, these efforts could not on their own counter the isolation of a pandemic year for many kids with disabilities. Our families have reported high levels of stress, loneliness, and anxiety caused by limited play and time outdoors, as well as reduced access to critical therapy services. 

One parent writes, “Our world has become much smaller. This type of separation is not healthy for anyone, never mind children. Both of my children need opportunities to grow and develop through interactions with peers and other people outside of our family in order to have a more full life.”

Another shared, “My son, a rising kindergartener with autism, has declined in every way—physically, socially, emotionally. He is sad and stressed. He misses his peers, teachers, providers, and school routine.”


Now, as our city begins to bloom again, we are ready to spring into action in service of families like these, offering robust summer camp and preschool programs and reintroducing our hugely popular Open Play program, but we cannot do it without your support. Families of kids with disabilities are still struggling with reduced child care, limited or virtual therapy services, and financial instability. You can help ease their burden by making a gift today. We need to raise $135,000 to fully fund our summer camp and preschool programs, including a generous scholarship fund and inclusive supported employment.  

Children with disabilities and their families should not be left behind as our community finds its way back to normalcy. Help us bring these families back to the PlayGarden, to bees in lavender and mud between toes. To, as one parent wrote, “so many others with similar differences and strengths”. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of the PlayGarden. Donate today and we’ll see you in the garden!

Liz Bullard
Executive Director

Spring baskets hanging on a wall at the PlayGarden